Canadian court public records check

Canadian court public records check

Canadian Court Public Records Check by Province

Ask SIM BACKGROUND CHECK to verify if your candidates have a Canadian  court public record in  any province or territory.  We have access to the files of Canadian courts and are able to check if they have been accused, blamed, without necessarily being found guilty in a Canadian court. The audit is done quickly and comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. To avoid hiring undesirable individuals, protect your business by checking if your candidates have been brought before the courts.

Canadian Court Public Records Check
Get the answer in 24 hours for the Quebec and in 7 days for other Canadian provinces



Province of Quebec: Response will be transmitted with 24 hours (working days).
Other provinces: 7 days.


Canadian provinces and territoriesRates
Quebec30,00 $
Ontario30,00 $
Nova Scotia30,00 $
New Brunswick30,00 $
Newfoundland and Labrador30,00 $
Prince Edward Island30,00 $
Alberta30,00 $
British Columbia30,00 $
Manitoba30,00 $
Saskatchewan30,00 $
Northwest Territories30,00 $
Nunavut30,00 $
Yukon30,00 $

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