Criminal record check

Criminal record check

Canadian Criminal Record Check

The Criminal Records Checks are transmitted to a Canadian police station and based on the information managed by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) in Ottawa.

Only 24 hrs of working days or 7hrs if it’s urgent

The answer will be provided to you by email within 24hrs of working days. Whether you are an individual looking for a job, an employer, or if you represent a non-profit organisation SIM BACKGROUND CHECK has a solution that suits you.

Protect yourself!

Did you know that 4 million Canadians have a criminal record?

Protecting your business is essential these days. The Criminal Record Check is an essential pre-employment screening program for most of the largest companies in Canada. It is not only important but essential to put in place a program to ensure that you choose the most reliable and honest people. We pay particular attention to organizations that work with children.

To enable us to conduct an application, please request the Criminal Record Check Form by email.

Our procedure is legal and complies with PIPEDA and other Canadian laws on confidentiality and respect the restrictions imposed in the Canadian Charters.

The consent of the candidate is required.

The police certificate will be provided to you by email within 24hrs of working days.

* Please note that depending on the browser used, it may be impossible to fill it directly. Then simply print it using your browser’s toolbar.


  1. ALL form fields are required.
  2. The applicant must provide two (2) pieces of identity with photo (driver’s license, passport or health insurance). The applicant’s identity documents must be verified by the company representative.
  3. The representative must then sign the form to confirm that he has verified the applicant’s identity documents.
  4. PART A and PART B of the form must be signed by the applicant.
  5. Scan the completed form and the ID’s. Digital photos (smartphone) are also accepted.
  6. Send all scanned files by email at the following address:


Rates for records:
  • Businesses: 36.00$

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